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You don't need to be a super competitive gym junkie to take part!
Hexham Racecourse
29th February 2020
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It's a challenge, not a race!

Why not rise to the challenge and join the throngs of determined people who enter the Mad March Mare and battle against all the elements to get to the finish line! Battle against the earth ... our wooded zone will have you climbing up and down huge ravines. You will ascend and descend over 500 metres. Battle against the wind... our venue can virtually guarantee that you will be fighting against that Northumberland wind at some point. Struggle through the freezing cold water, (there will be lots of cold muddy water for you to endure!). And finally, as you might expect, when you mix earth and water together, you get mud, so you will get muddy! ~ very muddy!!

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18-25 year olds


26-35 year olds


36-45 year old

36% s

46-55 year olds


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MMM Team

It's so fun! Take a look at this video clip !

If you want to get your heart pumping and waistline shrinking, you'll see how our obstacle course will fit the bill perfectly! It's really challenging but great fun too.

The emphasis is on finishing rather than achieving the best time, so you don't need to be a super competitive gym junkie to take part.

Why not get a team together? You can then draw on the support of friends when the going gets tough ... which it invariably does! Find out more

It's so challenging! It will test you to your limit !


Come and challenge yourself to the limit
. . . you would be MAD not to!!

On the 10k course, there are 35 natural and man made obstacles that you will need to wade through, climb over, crawl through or navigate around! We are at a Racecourse, so we have fences to jump, slides with a twist, mountains of hay bales, tunnels to conquer, waterfalls to climb and some surprises too!!

We do have a heart though, so when you finish the course, we will make sure that you have the chance to celebrate your amazing achievement by opening up the fantastic facilities at Hexham Racecourse for you to enjoy. When you finish, we will provide you with a hot drink and snacks to give you a quick energy hit. Then you can change out of your fancy dress outfit. What! ... you aren’t going to wear fancy dress? ... shame! ... no worries ... no matter what you wear, it won’t resemble what you started in!!

If you are too tired to get changed, you can still join others for a well earned drink in the bar, no matter how muddy you are!

  • Andrew
    MMM participant
    My first ever race!! Great Day, Great course and obstacles, A really good challenge, Stewards were great too with lots of encouragement along the way, All in all well organised and executed! That wind though was something else!!!
  • Mandy
    MMM Participant
    What a great challenge! I did it on my own but would like to say a big thanks to everyone in wave 2 & 3 for helping me along! Great fun! Bloody freezing! Mentally and physically exhausted tonight but feeling so proud of myself! See you all next year!
  • Silca
    MMM participant
    Froze to death but it was fantastic ... I did the stampeed last oct but this was more brutal. I hate heights and nearly lost the plot on the last obstacle. Fantastic stewards and medics. Thank you everyone and see u next March!
  • Mark
    MMM participant
    This race put some of the bigger names to shame. Great/slick organisation and a very enjoyable run made a whole lot harder by that bloody wind!! I'll definitely be back next year and I'll be bringing some friends with me!